Volume V (2021)

Table of Contents

Note from the Board of Editors

Research Articles


Presence of the Past: Notions of the Indian Nation in Class VI NCERT History Textbooks

Muskan Aggarwal


Carnatic Fusion: Sites for Identity Reconciliation or Erasure?

Adithi Hebbar


Resurrecting the Courtesan Identity: A Historical Critique

Qandeel Qazi


The Connotations of Conlangs: Understanding the Orientalist Leanings of Dothraki and High Valyrian in Game of Thrones

A Rahel Rao


The Body Politics of a Polish Melodrama: Cold War (2018)

Amarabati Bhattacharyya


Imagining the Nation: The Notion of Nationalism in Early 20th Century Kerala through works of Sahodaran Ayyappan and Vallathol Narayana Menon

T Meera Keshav


Death of the Avenging Woman? Exploring the Distinct Filmic Sensibilities of Pink (2016) and Mom (2017) as Rape-Revenge Films

Rutvik Upadhyaya
8 Mapping Solitude: An Exploratory Study of the Concept of Solitude in a Hyper-Connected Modern WorldAena Asif, Isha Mahajan
9Anansi, Myth, and Resistance: Exploring Anansi Folklore as Trangressive Culture during SlaveryMrinal Rajeev
10 A Study of Climate Change-Induced Migration in the Sundarbans Mangrove Region in the Last Ten YearsGeeta Gunjal



Empathy and Artificial Intelligence: Examining the Role of Artificial Empathy as a Protective Factor in Interpersonal Relationships

Shreya Upendra
2Environmental Protection, Protests, and Infrastructural Development: Can Goa Strike a Balance?Sanam Bhobe
3The Role of Political Rhetoric in Spreading Intergroup Prejudice in IndiaParnika Jhunjhunwala

Book Review


Repression, Dacoity, and the Law: Durba Ghosh’s Gentlemanly Terrorists: Political Violence and the Colonial State in India, 1919–1947

Disha Doshi