The Occupational Aspirations of Transgender Individuals Working at the Kochi Metro Rail Limited, Kerala 

Ayesha John
Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts
Symbiosis International (Deemed University)


The study aims to understand the occupational experiences of transgender individuals employed in the Kochi Metro as a part of  KMRL-Kudumbashree Initiative that began in 2017 and the resultant effects on their lives. It aims to find the nature of their work experience as employees of KMRL, their occupational aspirations and the factors that influence the same, and the manner in which their inclusion in a public sector scheme has impacted their lives and aspirations. Semi-structured, telephonic interviews were conducted on a one-on-one basis with 5 out of the 13 trans individuals currently working in the Kochi Metro. The results revealed that all 5 of the respondents wish to continue working at the metro and  do not plan to their current workplace due to the job security and gender-affirming nature of the initiative. However, factors such as low salary, difficulty in managing living expenses and the lack of mobility within their profession have been identified as highly impactful to their work experience, adversely affecting their aspirations. 

Keywords: Transgender employment, occupational experiences, aspirations, trans-inclusionary public sector schemes, Kochi Metro Rail Limited-Kudumbashree, trans-inclusive workforce.